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Good news everyone! Last night, we completed our transition to the cloud.

Bad jokes aside, we are very thrilled to be taking great steps towards our launch. Last night, we moved our main server to the cloud, and more specifically, PHP Fog’s servers. We are using PHP Fog to make certain our services are up and running all day long, 24/7. It gives us the ability to grow according to our needs and the peace of mind that if something goes bad, we can recover fast, if not instantaneously.

This moves follows the move of our compiler part to Amazon’s Web Services, AWS, and more specifically Amazon’s EC2. PHP Fog might be great, but it does have its limitations, and that is, the ability to install the modules and software you like. This is where Amazon’s EC2 steps in. Last week, we moved our compiler from our VPS to Amazon’s EC2, and we love it so far. Aside from the peace of mind we get by, again, having the ability to scale according to our needs, in order to cover your demand and serve you better, we also get an extra bump in speed. PHP Fog’s instances run on top of Amazon’s cloud, which means our website now runs in the same datacenter as our compiler, which has a nice positive impact in our compilation speed.

I hope you are as excited about these changes as we are. Stay tuned for more

On behalf of the team,
Vasilis Georgitzikis

P.S. For those who didn’t get it, that’s Pi on the title.

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