Codebender reaches momentum! We have LIFTOFF!

3…2…1…Touchdown! Our Indiegogo campaign has ended totaling an impressive $6,881! It’s
not $7000 but it is damn close! There are no words to express our
gratitude for your support and what you have achieved. You have spread
the word with every possible way helping codebender reach and surpass
its crowdfunding target. It was a very exhausting month but it was also
well worth the sleepless nights.

We also want to welcome our latest Ultimate Supporters, Agile
and Arrowhead Systems that gave us the “Ultimate”
push past the finishing line.

And last but not least, we want to thank everyone for their support. Funds, without a doubt, do help and make things easier, but we really appreciate and value your kind and supportive comments, tweets and posts around the web. Even negative ones, that turn into constructive criticism.  Without your help, nothing would be possible. You are awesome! Thank you.

Stay tuned:

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