Status update on perks and features

Update for our “Pioneers”. We would like to inform you that we are already
negotiating a deal with a US distributor for the Arduino Ethernet perk
since we are based in Greece and shipping them ourselves is out of the
question.  We hope that we will have some good news for you in a few

On the features side, we’ve added the ability to upload your own sketches
from your local computer! You can check it out in your sidebar under the create new project button. No more copy-pasting. 😛

We’ve also added some more cool libraries! We have a long queue of requested
libraries,  so we try to include the most popular ones. We will continue
adding more, so be sure to check regularly. If you find anything
broken, you know the drill, email us at support [at] codebender [dot] cc
or through the contact support form.

Stay tuned:

* we promise that we won´t spam you, never.