T-shirts on the way!

“Cool guys” just got cooler! T-shirts are finally printed and already shipped. For extra coolness we’re adding 5 codebender pin buttons in each package! You can check the goodies in this (upside-down :P) tweet! ETA is around 8-10 days for International destinations and 3-6 for the EU. All packages are sent prepaid(of course) and signed-for.

Good news on the Arduino Ethernet front too! We have partnered with Agile Hardware , one of our Ultimate Supporters to handle the EU distribution. Many thanks to Steffen!

Unfortunately we have no such great news on the International distribution of the Arduino Ethernet. We still have no ETA for them. We are very sorry for the delay. Making arrangements of this kind turns out to be a time consuming and slow process. We work on that.

On the bright side, we have also finalized the auto-reset library so you can now truly take advantage of the remote upload feature and finally program that Arduino on the roof without going up and down the stairs.


Stay tuned:

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