Compiler's output gets a color treatment!

It is bad enough to have bugs in your code, let alone if the compiler’s output is bland and boring. Well, not anymore! The time has come to make codebender a bit more colorful.

All the important keywords in the compiler’s output are now highlighted just like the output you would get from Clang! We tried to follow the original color scheme to make long-time Clang users feel like home.

Apart from the fact that it looks great (and we love it!), it serves as a useful visual aid to parse the compiler output in a glimpse and help you squash that nasty bug from your code!

We are also making progress on our library management system. We recently integrated into our compiler a library-handling subsystem which is going to ease the installation of libraries even more! More to come in the following days as we continue to work on our infrastructure and code re-factoring process. 

Until then, happy hacking!

Stay tuned:

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