Auto-Formatting, now 3.14 times better

Well hello there! Haven’t seen you in a while. Once again, we’re back with updates on codebender. This time, most of the news is behind the scenes, so you won’t notice much. What you can notice, though, is our new auto formatting algorithm!

If you haven’t used the auto-format feature yet, simply go to the editor, and press Ctrl-Alt-[ to auto-format your code in a glance. You are welcome!

P.S. For the geeks among us, what we did is really, really awesome and technical. In a nutshell, we’ve used emscripten to write the world’s first (as far as we know) C/C++ code beautifier written in javascript, based on Astyle. If you haven’t heard of emscripten, check it out. It’s a cool project that allows you to “compile” C/C++ code to Javascript.

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