[New stuff] Adding personal libraries and improvements

Hello there! Here is what is new for you!

Are you searching for a library that we don’t have? Hmm that’s strange..but ok..
We added the “Personal Libraries” feature. You can now upload your own libraries, or customize an already existing one to your needs, as personal libraries. These will stay on your account,  and you can use them in any of your projects. Simple as that!

Besides this, we have improved Search, with nearly 100% increase in effectiveness, by using an external service to calculate search results!

We also improved file uploads! Now you can upload new code files within an existing sketch, straight from the editor page.

You can drop us a line if your have any feedback, comments or ideas!


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  1. jessey

    03 Jan 2017 18:56:22

    do you have a tutorial on how to add a personal library? How do I do that?

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