[New stuff]codebender ♡ Sparkfun!

You already know Sparkfun, one of the biggest Arduino and open hardware manufacturer.

What you do not probably know is that we just added 4 new amazing Arduino devices to codebender!

We’re talking about Sparkfun’s:

Pro Micro (5V and 3.3V version),



and Makey Makey!

The first 3 are Sparkfun’s Arduino Leonardo-like boards, with a built-in USB connection, and they can act as a mouse or keyboard, too. As for Makey Makey, well.. watch this.

You can ask anyone about these great boards, and if you haven’t used them yet, now that codebender provides full support on them, you definitely have a reason to buy one 😉

Go check them out, and send some love to the great guys from Sparkfun who worked with us to make this happen.

Stay tuned:

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