[Event] A tale of Three Crewmen

A long time ago, but not in a galaxy far far away, we persuaded 3 marvelous individuals to join the team.


Christos Perivolaropoulos – FakeDrake,

“Besides being cool, I enjoy solving interesting problems for codebender, going where no man has gone before”


Christos Nianiakas – tsiknas,

“I’m responsible for the website’s front-end, so if something looks ugly or doesn’t work well, you know who to yell at”


Fay Kandiliari – skroutz,

“I make sure everything works correctly, the office is ok, and that everyone is paid”


These amazing people joined us in November, and it’s finally been made official, after countless hours of going through Greek bureaucracy. So join us in welcoming them!

Besides our new members addition, and if you did not already noticed it, we have made ourselves a little treat for Christmas!
You can now find us on codebender.com!

Stay tuned:

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