Makeblock Me Orion & mCore welcome aboard!

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Created by Makeblock, an open source “Lego for adults” arduino robot building platform from Shenzhen, Me Orion and mCore are two boards based on Arduino UNO, which we are thrilled to welcome to our family of supported devices.

Me Orion is  a user-friendly mainboard based on Arduino Uno with improvements for education. It provides eight RJ25 ports to connect to all the other Me series modules with color-labels, which can save you from time-consuming pin-wiring and help you focus on creating amazing projects.

mCore is an easy-to-use main control board specially designed for mBot, the STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids. Also based on the Arduino Uno, mCore integrates various onboard sensors, such as a buzzer, a light sensor, an RGB LED, etc., and offers you an easier way to start learning electronics.

You can go right away and program them with codebender, using the numerous available modules and libraries from our huge list of built-in libraries.


  1. Dorel

    21 Apr 2016 08:54:28

    Trying to set up a Bluetooth mBot/mCore board on MacOSX El Captain through Codebender. It’s not working. Through their mBlock (Scratch II derived) software I’m able to correctly establish a connection on the /dev/tty.Makeblock-ELETSPP. Codebender only offers selection of /dev/cu.Makeblock-ELETSPP (and 2 others) in the 5’th step of the setup.

  2. Don

    10 Nov 2017 01:16:38

    What type of motor connector does each use?
    They are both 2-pin but the Orion’s are much larger.

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