We want to thank everyone for your support and spreading the word. We are now passed the 4000 registered users mark and growing. This means that our user-base was almost doubled over the course of the last 4 months! Thank you!

Not a long time ago, Vasilis and Dimitris, were guests in the Greek television show “Koinonia Ora MEGA” of the Nationwide TV channel, MEGA.

Just a quick heads up about the latest changes and fixes (Just in case you don’t watch our github repository :P).

The browser plugin gets bumped up to version, fixing a lot of compatibility issues and introducing smoother operation across multiple platforms. There are still some quirks left but we are working on them. If you have trouble installing the plugin please check the knowledge base article which addresses some known issues. You might find the solution there.

Kevin from OlympiaCircuits, the creators behind the Arno board, came up with an amusing prank to pull on your friends on the forthcoming April Fool’s Day. It works by exploiting the mouse emulation capabilities of the Atmega 32U4 chip on the Arno board. Head over to their blog for a complete explanation and grab the code below from OlympiaCirtuits’ account here on codebender.