Hey guys, we’re happy to announce that we’ve added some new boards like we promised. We just got our hands on an Arduino Micro, and after making sure that it plays well with codebender, we’ve added it to the list of supported boards! Go ahead and build great stuff with it.

Good new everyone! We just finished an extensive update on our browser plugin, as well as the part of the website that communicates with it. As a result of this, you may need to update (and Chrome users may need to log in to the Chrome Webstore in order to update the plugin), but you will get more stable flashing of your Arduino. Those of you who had an issue where sometimes the plugin would not load in the editor page will also be glad to know this has been fixed.

Hello everyone. We’re very glad to announce today that we’ve finally moved to Arduino 1.0.3, and run all the tests necessary to make sure Leonardo works as well as any other boards. For that reason, we’ve removed the “(experimental)” tag on Leonardo.

With the new official Leonardo support, you can also expect to see more Leonardo-compatible boards added to codebender soon.