In a previous blogpost saw how we can digitally sign a Windows driver in order to help the user determine whether the software can or cannot be trusted. In today’s blogpost we’ll see how we can create a simple .exe program that will install the signed driver to the user’s computer through a simple wizard. The user just runs the installer, makes the appropriate choices and waits until the installation finishes.


One of the things I find great about codebender is its large collection of hosted libraries and examples.
As this collection grows, we need to keep track the status of each example. If an example compiles successfully, its set of boards that it can compile against, the error that happened during compile in case of failure. It is a process that can be automated and we managed to do so with the help of Selenium.

Arduino did an excellent job hiding the inherent complexity of compiling code for embedded microcontrollers (or lately microprocessors). This allowed anyone to easily program their boards without needing to understand how code and libraries get compiled to the blob of machine code that gets its way into your board to do ‘stuff’. Heck, you don’t even need to know what a microcontroller is anymore!

With so many other candidates, usually the performance bottleneck for javascript is not the responsiveness of setTimeout. Highly asynchronous code is, however, prone to many bugs, a huge pain to test and debug, and may unexpectedly break for no apparent reason. A partial solution to the problem would be to roll your wrapper to the scheduler. In fact, you may want to abstract the concept of time completely from your application.

Amazon RDS is a relational database service by Amazon Web Services. RDS offers an easy to administer environment and supports many known relational database engines such as PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB.

The database is a crucial part for a company and it is very important to maintain the integrity of the data.
For this reason, you should consider creating a good backup strategy from day one.