On April 2nd, we celebrated the official Arduino/Genuino Day with makerspaces and educational institutions from all around the world.

We got the chance to spread the word of Arduino as well as to support the events worldwide by sending various gifts to their participants. From Puerto Rico to Colombia and from Senegal to Italy, codebender celebrated the day with even the most distant places.

Just some days ago the codebender team packed its luggage and Arduinos to travel to Rome, the hostess city of Maker Faire 2015, The European Edition. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to mingle with all these amazing people and wander around the 600 exhibits and the numerous pavilions and workshops. From robots to drones and from 3D printers to Artistic installations and Wearables, the 3 day event left us speechless (and with sore feet :p).

Greetings from sunny and unnaturally hot for the season San Diego. We’re through the second day of the Facebook Academy of Code (FOA) code sprint. Yesterday students were introduced to the world of arduino and got to select their projects for this quarter (it used to be semester, now it seems to be quarters everywhere). We’re giving them the chance to contribute something for the greater community of arduino, not just codebender. After the necessary familiarizing with the project requirements, we started jumping right away in code and there’s already progress.

Hello there!

Do you find it interesting to work for a tech startup that is rapidly evolving? Do you think you have what a company like codebender needs? Do you want to find out how we make a hiring in codebender? Well, buckle up and let me take you on a trip through our hiring process, from the moment our CEO decides that a new team member is needed till the moment we greet you in our offices!