We’re excited to announce that codebender has been acquired by Codeanywhere!

We launched codebender 4 years ago to make it easier for you to develop Arduino code and build your next amazing gizmo, product, or hobby project. Since then, we’ve had 100,000 people use codebender, and more than 300,000 projects hosted on the platform.

Javascript is a language that is, by design, difficult to debug. It is dynamically typed, it is based around asynchronous callbacks, almost all data types are mutable, almost no functions of the standard library are pure, and the list goes on. And these are not just flaws in the design; they are what makes the language what it is. It is therefore important to be equipped with the correct tools when setting out to correct your code. I am not talking about fancy debuggers and static code analyzers, just two very simple libraries. So simple in fact they do not even qualify as separate libraries. They are just a couple of hundreds of locs that you can copy right into your project and modify to your needs. My sample implementation for each is provided.



We are thrilled to welcome Sparki in the codebender family!

Sparki is an open source Arduino powered robot which is ideal for learning electronics, programming and robotics, all in one. With the mission to help you learn with robots, ArcBotics created an affordable and easy to use beginner robot that comes with a great variety of accessories and more that 100 free lessons. Designed for use in classroom too, Sparki is already being used in more than 1000 K-12 schools and in many top universities.