So, an hour ago we got featured on hackaday! That means we have a lot
of new visitors interested in our service, and we are hastening the
development of our last-hour features to get ready for our launch! We
wanted to inform you that we’re going to be launching an indiegogo
campaign soon to gather the funds we need for our hosting and operation
costs for the first year. We want you to help spread the love, and we
want to give you a number of different ways to get in the beta.

Good news everyone! Last night, we completed our transition to the cloud.

Bad jokes aside, we are very thrilled to be taking great steps towards our launch. Last night, we moved our main server to the cloud, and more specifically, PHP Fog’s servers. We are using PHP Fog to make certain our services are up and running all day long, 24/7. It gives us the ability to grow according to our needs and the peace of mind that if something goes bad, we can recover fast, if not instantaneously.

There’s been a lot of work lately at P-Space (the local hackerspace), the closest thing we’ve got to headquarters, and with good reason.

First of all, we showing people codebender, and we love the reactions so far. Much of it is very postitive, but a good portion of it is negative, and it helps us redefine what we want to do, realize where we really want to go, and how to improve ourselves for you guys 🙂

This is codebender calling.

And we are a-live!

Given this is our first post, we are all very excited to reach a point were we are live, stable, and feature-rich. At the moment, we are still working on fixing our alpha-testing bugs and completing our feature set, but we are very pleased with everything so far.