collage orangeboards

Coming straight from the Korea collaboration fab, the OrangeBoard and the OrangeBoard BLE just joined the family of boards supported by codebender. Both devices are 100% Arduino UNO compatible, created by kocoafab a fast growing open source hardware community in Korea.

The OrangeBoard, thanks to its smooth surface, is a safe board, suitable for young children.

Hey there! Did you notice? We released a New Editor!

Since some time, we had a newly designed editor available to some users. As of this Monday the new editor is available to every user. It is designed having in mind to increase the available workspace in order to make coding a little more convenient for you. We put some options just a click away to free up space.

Arduino did an excellent job hiding the inherent complexity of compiling code for embedded microcontrollers (or lately microprocessors). This allowed anyone to easily program their boards without needing to understand how code and libraries get compiled to the blob of machine code that gets its way into your board to do ‘stuff’. Heck, you don’t even need to know what a microcontroller is anymore!