codebender welcomes Hummingbird Duo to the list of our supported boards!

Humming Bird duo originally aimed for educational environments and arts classes, but can be also powerful in any kind of project!

It combines a Leonardo with the hummingbird controller, which makes interfacing with motors, servos and pretty much anything you can imagine in a brief.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the AirBoard, a tiny Arduino-compatible board!

It can be connected easily to XBee, WiFi, Bluetooth, and virtually any wireless communication type you can think of.


It is only thumb-size big, open sourced, Arduino compatible, wireless programmed, ultra power efficient, with ubiquitous computer designed to sketch Internet-of-Things, fast!

We’re thrilled to welcome Blynk to our family of supported partners!

Blynk, is a platform that allows you to control your network connected Arduino with an iOS or android App. Using Blynk’s iOS or Android app, you create little widgets that allow you to control sensors and actuators, connected to your Arduino or similar embedded device, from your smartphone, through the internet.