Tzikis is Oscar Mike (aka on the move) once again for a series of presentations and workshops. This time is Northern’s Greece turn. We believe that reaching out to universities and institutions is a great way to get people interested in physical computing, Internet of Things and what this fuzz is all about. More specific dates and schedule will be posted here, in the next couple of days, so grab our rss, if you are interested in attending one of the presentations/workshops.

As co-founders of our local hackerspace, we are extremely happy to see that the hackerspace movement is still alive and kicking in Greece. A few weeks ago a new P2P Lab was founded at the picturesque Ioannina, Greece. Next Tuesday, 12 of March at 18.00 we will travel to our fellow P2P Lab to host an Arduino workshop for beginners, using codebender. The theme is the already known “Arduino & codebender : Hack the real world“. We will try to inform and motivate participants to get their hands dirty and start making their first Arduno-based DIY projects.

Good new everyone! We just finished an extensive update on our browser plugin, as well as the part of the website that communicates with it. As a result of this, you may need to update (and Chrome users may need to log in to the Chrome Webstore in order to update the plugin), but you will get more stable flashing of your Arduino. Those of you who had an issue where sometimes the plugin would not load in the editor page will also be glad to know this has been fixed.