The SharpIRLib project concerns the handling of Sharp IR range finders that fall into the category of proximity sensors.

The project consists of two parts. The first one involves a process for performing a curve fitting on the sensors, or in other words, it’s about finding the exact responses of the sensors along with functions that describe them. The other one is an Arduino library with the name IRRanger. IRRanger is a library for interfacing Sharp IR rangers. It allows for the update of the sensors’ models, provides methods for getting the sensors’ output in several forms, and has a number of other features that you can make use for a quick and easy way of getting your project started.

IRRemoteControl Tutorial from codebender on Vimeo.

IRRemoteControl is a wrapper on the IRremote library by Ken Shirriff. IRremote aims to handle the communication between remotes, Arduinos, and devices controlled with IR. IRRemoteControl, on the other hand, doesn’t add anything on that part, but all it does is help you structure your code better. All you have to do is define a function, match it with a button, and you are done.