This is the first part of our tutorial series on how to configure and deploy a Symfony2 application on Amazon OpsWorks.

At codebender we host our infrastructure under Amazon Web Services and we use Symfony2 for the majority of our web applications. For the application deployment process we use Amazon OpsWorks which is a configuration management service that uses Chef.

Symfony is a powerful PHP framework. That is, a set of tools which you can use and create almost any web application and it’s way much faster than writing everything from scratch. codebender and most of its components, such as the cloud-based compiler, are built using Symfony. Symfony offers several mechanisms which can get you started, literally in, minutes. In the next sections we are going to demonstrate how you can create a simple book store application with Symfony without actually writing any code. Our application will consist of a database for storing data about the books on the store, as well as the web interface for adding and editing books on the database.