[New Stuff] An Adafruit(ful) Partnership

Do you own an Adafruit board? FLORA, Gemma or Trinket? Are you tired of losing time trying to search for drivers, installing a modified Arduino IDE or making the modifications yourself? Having difficulties especially on Windows 8 & 8.1, or permission issues on Linux?

Well, not anymore you do not!  ;)


We are really happy to announce that we have worked together with the cool guys from Adafruit, and codebender now supports these awesome boards!

Go ahead and give it a try. Just log into your account, and select your board from the list. Simple as that!

You can also enjoy the video that our folks from Adafruit created.

Also be sure that you will not miss their regular Wearable Wednesday promotion! Just buy something from their FLORA & Wearables category, and use the promo code CODEBENDER to get 10% off!