[New Stuff] codebender's Tiny new friend!

Tiny Circuits has released the TinyScreen!

Since we support TinyDuino and TinyShield from day one we could not miss the chance to provide full support to Tiny's Circuits new "toy".


TinyScreen is a tiny customizable display. Play games, get notifications from your phone and display useful information.

TinyScreen is a beautiful 0.96" 16 bit OLED, with 96x64 pixels, capable of displaying shapes, text images, and video with the TinyDuino Platform. TinyScreen includes control electronics that allow it to be hardware compatible with all other TinyShields in your TinyDuino stack, along with four input buttons along the sides of the screen for user input.

Tiny Circuits will be sharing lots of examples on codebender to help anyone interested in using their stuff.

Do not miss the chance to grab your TinyScreen, by visiting TinyScreen's Kickstarter page.