[New Stuff] codebender goes Wicked and Wild!

Are you already aware of the WildFire board from Wicked Device? This amazing board is a great Arduino compatible board, and it is ideal for long running internet projects in production.


With a cool name like this, you can bet that it is an awesome board! So have a look on it's cool features:

External watchdog timer.
Accepts Arduino shields, like this motor shield.
128K of Flash. The entire example code in this tutorial only uses 19% of the RAM.
4 Additional Digital and 2 Analog pins
Network configuration via the Texas Instruments Smartconfig phone app (iOS/Android).
SD Card Slot – great for hosting website images and data logging.
More sample sketches and info here.

And of course programmable with codebender!

For a 10% discount off a new WildFire, use discount code codebender here. Shipping to the US is free.