[Features Recap] Remember Remember the 5th of November

Thankfully, we don't plan on blowing anything up, we are just talking about our technical updates and additions for the last month. So let us remind you.

We updated our plugin and improved our back end, to increase stability and improve performance. Read More.

We added a way to access a projects' respective libraries straight from the editor. Read More.

We added multiple ways to sort your projects on your homepage. Read More.

We expanded the family of supported boards, adding 4 boards by SparkFun. Read More.

Besides all technical additions and updates, we presented codebender at the “Pioneers 90’’ Pitch Star” competition, at Pioneers Festival in Vienna.

Needless to say that in just 90 seconds codebender captured the audience’s full attention and gained a couple of good connections. We were voted second, with only 2 votes less than the 1st one.

The funny thing? We didn't realize we could vote.


As always you are more than welcome to come and try out all our additions and updates and let us know!