[New stuff] (code)Bending the Air-Waves

Here is Moteino, Lowpowerlab's ultimate board for low-power wireless communication.

The Moteino

and Moteino MEGA

from LowPowerLab, come in a handy, small form factor, and they are equipped with a built-in RF transmitter (either RFM12B or RFM69).
All you need to do, in order to build your own low-power wireless project, is to plug them in to a USB-to-Serial converter, and use the provided library examples to get started.

Not cool enough for you? Well how about this? They can even be programmed wirelessly!

That's right, Moteinos' library not only allows them to communicate with each other, but also allows you to program them over-the-air. Just make sure to buy the variant with the flash memory that supports this.

Still not satisfied? Have a look to all the variants and options available!


We're very excited to include Moteino in our growing list of built-in supported boards. Moteino users can now take advantage of codebender's ease of use and collaboration tools, and our huge list of built-in libraries. codebender users can now use these amazing boards for their wireless projects.

To celebrate this, LowPowerLab offers a 10-15% discount on their e-shop, so get your Moteino now!