[New stuff] Humming along Hummingbird

codebender welcomes Hummingbird Duo to the list of our supported boards!

Humming Bird duo originally aimed for educational environments and arts classes, but can be also powerful in any kind of project!

It combines a Leonardo with the hummingbird controller, which makes interfacing with motors, servos and pretty much anything you can imagine in a brief.

You can select among several kits available on their store, and their tutorials which work great with codebender!

So do not lose anymore time! Start making and program robots, animatronics, and more. Duo grows with your abilities, the sky is the limit!

They even provide a discount for codebender users! Just enter CODEBENDER_ROCKS, until March 31st, at checkout and get $10 off (as long as your order is $25 or more).

So pick your board and give life to your ideas!