[New Stuff] Updated Mac Drivers

Hello there!

Do you own a Mac and an Arduino board with the FTDI chip, the most widely used chip in Arduino devices for USB communication? Then you probably know that Apple's default drivers for FTDI on Yosemite weren't working correctly. You had to manually download them from FTDI chip site and install them.

So what did we do for you?

We released our new Mac drivers package, which includes the drivers for the FTDI chip for Yosemite. No more searching, downloading and installing is needed, and furthermore they work with all OSX for Mac.

Is this enough? Of course not...

We talked to WCH, the manufacturer of CH340G chip which is a great new alternative to FTDI,  and we created a new driver that supports the CH340G chip on Yosemite (a world first!) and all OSX for Mac.

As a result, you can now install these drivers securely, without having to disable your computers' security settings, as you did in the past. Both drivers are included in one package, and all you have to do is to download and install them and you are good to go! Simple as that.

As always you are welcome to drop us a line if you have any feedback, comments or ideas!