[Tech Stuff] Fasten your seat belts, The AirBoard is here!

It's Tiny, it's Wireless, it's Ultra Fast!


After a successfully funded kickstarter project, the production of The AirBoard is coming to an end, and The Airboard now awaits all you makers, inventors and hobbyists out there!And guess what? We already got you covered by adding The AirBoard to codebender!

The AirBoard is a thumb-size, 100% Arduino compatible, wireless, ubiquitous microprocessor, designed to sketch Internet of Things, fast!

It’s perfect for all makers from newbies to experts, and it takes only 30 seconds to get it up and running, and 5 seconds to upload a program.

It comes with a fully protected tiny battery with 3 years autonomy in sleep mode and 6 months in communication, a solderless connector for rapid prototyping and new GPRS and SIGFOX shields, perfect for deployment out in the field and for startup acceleration.

Unlike other boards that require visible light to be reprogrammed, the AirBoard works in any situation, which is useful if you’re designing a Smart Thing that is hidden behind casing or is otherwise hard to access.

We’re very excited to include The Airboard in our growing list of builtin supported boards, and to see the next billion dollar idea born with this board! Using The AirBoard with codebender will allow you to take advantage of codebender’s ease of use and collaboration tools, as well as our huge list of built-in libraries ?

Take a look at The AirBoard!

Best, codebender