[Events] How codebender makes a hiring!

Hello there!

Do you find it interesting to work for a tech startup that is rapidly evolving? Do you think you have what a company like codebender needs? Do you want to find out how we make a hiring in codebender? Well, buckle up and let me take you on a trip through our hiring process, from the moment our CEO decides that a new team member is needed till the moment we greet you in our offices!

The Selection Process

1. The Selection Process

We start by analyzing and establishing the requirements of the position as well as the context of the responsibilities. In other words, our CEO, our Project Manager and our HR consultant from qmetric will discuss and decide on the professional qualifications that must be met by each candidate who will apply for the specific position.

As an example, you can see on the board below what the professional qualifications were for my position the customer support specialist :-P

Written Communication This skill is related to the candidate's ability of to produce clean and summarized writing.
Oral Communication This skill is related to the candidate's ability tounderstand the nature of the problem that his audience possesses.
Collaborative Teamwork This skill is related to the candidate's ability to understand and adapt to the different ways of working of each team member and the commitment to common goals.
Analytical and Problem solving Ability This skill is related to the candidate's analytical approach, problem solving and conclusions drawing capabilities.
User oriented Perception This skill is related to the candidate's ability to understand and meet with the needs of the users.
Influence This skill is related to the candidate's ability to achieve a balance between meeting short-term job goals and maintaining long-term business relationships.
Respect and Integrity This skill is related to the candidate's ability to adopt an ethical approach, both at work and in her relationships.
Technological Orientation This skill is related to the candidate's conformity and dexterity regarding technology.
Flexibility This skill is related to the candidate's conformity to change.
Organization This skill is related to the candidate's ability to define and prioritize tasks and objectives in order to appropriatly manage available time and resources.
Reliability This skill is related to the candidate's scrupulousness and commitment to the good of the team and the company.
Pressure This skill is related to the candidate's ability to maintain a positive attitude in stressful situations orafter failure.

2. Attracting Candidates

Once the context of the responsibilities and professional qualifications that characterize the ideal candidate are defined, we create the job ad that is going to be published.

In my case it ended up looking to be like this:


3. Posting the Ad

Once the ad is formatted and ready to be published, we and qmetric implement a targeted publication in media, mainly on job finding sites, in order to gather a sufficient number of suitable candidates. We also post the ad on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook as well as on our codebender corporate page.

Collecting and Processing Resumes

qmetric uses the online workable platform in order to collect and process carefully every resume. Our HR consultant examines every resume, in order to identify the most suitable candidates who match with the criteria of the position. The candidates who are selected, are shortlisted and they will proceed to the next assessment phase. qmetric will narrow down that list to the 3 prevalent candidates by following the next steps:

1. Candidate Evaluation with the use of a Pre-assessment Questionnaire

Use of the pre-assessment questionnaire in order to gather more information on the professional profile of each candidate, as well as other info such as wage demands, availability, etc.

Furthermore, candidates are asked to evaluate themselves on their adequacy for and compatibility with the position.

2. Candidate screening Interview

Our HR consultant from qmetric performs a first interview in order to learn about the career orientation, expectations, and availability of each candidate, and for general introductory knowledge evaluation practices, of each candidate. For some specific positions, for example the developer or the UI/UX position, candidates are asked to complete an extra technical assessment test that is usually created from our Project Manager.

3. Rating professional characteristics

qmetric uses a combination of Competency Based Interviews (CBI) and personality tests (16PF or Wave) to evaluate the suitability of each candidate for the position, based on the list of professional characteristics derived from the job analysis.

Final Evaluation Stage - Selecting Candidates

After the evaluation of the candidates is completed, our HR consultant comes up with a shortlist of the 3 candidates who have obtained the highest scores. These candidates will participate in the final stage of evaluation, which takes place at the codebender offices, in Patras, Achaia region, Greece.

Our first official meeting

The final evaluation takes place during face-to–face meetings with our CEO and our Project Manager.

In these meetings, the candidates are presented to the rest of the team, given a tour of our offices and take a final test. All the candidates are asked to resolve a series of tasks, problems and issues (according to the position requirements), which our CEO and our Project Manager pose to them, as if they the were working in codebender.

After these meetings are over, our CEO makes the final decision and selects the most suitable candidate.

Well, this is it more or less :)

Did you make it all the way through? Did you find this post interesting? Well then, there is a good chance we will shake hands some day soon :)