A New Editor for Everybody

Hey there! Did you notice? We released a New Editor!

Since some time, we had a newly designed editor available to some users. As of this Monday the new editor is available to every user. It is designed having in mind to increase the available workspace in order to make coding a little more convenient for you. We put some options just a click away to free up space.

So let’s take a look at the changes in more detail:

Bigger Editor!

If you want to make the editor bigger, just look for the small arrow, right above the Editor and next to your Project’s Name and click on it.

Describe it!

Be it a text, an image or a video, just click on the Description Box that you can now find next to the Editor. Don’t forget to save your description.

Share it!

The Share Button is now next to the rest of the Buttons. So what are you waiting for? Embed your sketch on your website or share it on Twitter and Facebook and let your friends and the rest of the community find out and comment on what you are working on.

Where is the Serial Monitor?

For those of you who are wondering, you can now find it by clicking on the Serial Monitor Button at the right top on the Editor’s page. Is it just your idea or is this a BIGGER Monitor? You can resize it by dragging it upward or you can hide it.

Flash with Programmer!

If you are using a programmer to flash your board or have a board that uses a programmer internally, click on the Gear Button at the top right of the Editor’s page to reveal the advanced flashing options.

Private Project?

If you have access to the Private Projects feature, just double-click on the Earth Icon next to your project’s name. If you want to learn more about Private Projects, contact us by clicking on the Feedback and Support Button.