Meet the OrangeBoard and the OrangeBoard BLE!

orange boards

Coming straight from the Korea collaboration fab, the OrangeBoard and the OrangeBoard BLE just joined the family of boards supported by codebender. Both devices are 100% Arduino UNO compatible, created by kocoafab a fast growing open source hardware community in Korea.

The OrangeBoard, thanks to its smooth surface, is a safe board, suitable for young children.

The OrangeBoard BLE is another version of the OrangeBoard, with the addition of the Nordic nRF51822 chipset. The OrangeBoard BLE has an on/off slide switch to enable and disable Bluetooth.

More specifically, with the switch ON,  you can enable the Bluetooth (4.0) and digital pins #4 and #5 will be dedicated to RX/TX. With the switch OFF you disable the Bluetooth (4.0) and the device behaves exactly as an Arduino UNO.

We’re very excited to include the OrangeBoard devices in our growing list of supported boards. Using OrangeBoard devices with codebender allows you to take advantage of codebender’s ease of use platform as well as our huge list of built-in libraries.

Learn more about the Orangeboard!

Learn more about the OrangeBoard BLE!