Meet our new best friends: SparkFun and Seeed Studio

Good news, everyone!* We are partnering up with Seeed Studio and SparkFun, to give you even more Arduino awesomeness! And it was just the right time to announce this, as the Arduino Day comes in 2 days, and this is just the right way to celebrate it!

Seeed Studio and SparkFun need no introductions, since their products have been used by hundreds of thousands of Makers throughout the world to build their projects.

Well, from now on, you will see more and more of their products working with codebender! We already have all of SparkFun’s Arduino boards on our list of supported boards, and we are adding more and more libraries. And we’ll be working with Seeed Studio to add their Seeeduino boards on codebender, and all the libraries for their Grove modules.

Isn’t that the best way to share the (Arduino) love?

* Professor Farnsworth