Game on, the Arduboy is here!


We are thrilled to welcome the Arduboy in the codebender family!

The Arduboy is a miniature open source game system that fits in your wallet. It comes with a pre-installed classic game and an online library that allows you to discover and download various readily available open source games created by the community.

Being a hardware development platform based on Arduino with a 1.3” brilliant black and white OLED Display and an 8+ hour battery life, the Arduboy is the perfect device to learn how to program and create your own games.

Now you can make your characters jump as high as you have always wanted. You can even program it and use it as a business card!

After successfully completing its Kickstarter campaign, the Arduboy is out and about, reaching its first supporters, while pre-orders have already begun.

Go right away and check out some awesome games for your Arduboy on codebender and let the fun begin!