Sparkle up your programming with Sparki!


We are thrilled to welcome Sparki in the codebender family!

Sparki is an open source Arduino powered robot which is ideal for learning electronics, programming and robotics, all in one. With the mission to help you learn with robots, ArcBotics created an affordable and easy to use beginner robot that comes with a great variety of accessories and more that 100 free lessons. Designed for use in classroom too, Sparki is already being used in more than 1000 K-12 schools and in many top universities.

Sparki is packed with a large variety of features giving you countless choices for learning and fun at home or in the classroom. From playing music and displaying LCD graphics to drawing and solving mazes and talking to other Sparkis, it is a perfect starting point to jump into electronics, programming and robotics. Sparki comes pre-programmed to move, blink and beep, with an IR remote to control it anytime, a Bluetooth Module, a pen, a Maze and a Line following poster so you can start playing and learning with it right away.

Learn more about Sparki and unleash its potential in codebender!