Thermometer – Arduino tutorial

Throughout these hot days, thermometer is a pretty useful device. It’s usually made with mercury and it isn’t really precise as it could be. That’s why with Arduino we’ll be able to easily, quickly and precisely see what’s the temperature. Let’s get to it!

List of things you’ll need:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Breadboard wires (15 to be precise)
  • LM35 temperature sensor
  • 7 segment 4 digit display
  • USB-B cable (or something else to power up the Arduino)

Once you’ve got all of them, connect them like this:

*In this image 7 segment 4 digit display has 16 pins, but in the project a 12 pin display was used. If you have the one with 12 pins, just discard the far left and far right pins on this image and keep connecting. If you don’t have the same one, check out the datasheet for your display and see for what is each pin used.

Once that’s done, connect your Arduino to your PC and upload this sketch below.

Stay tuned:

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