[Features Recap] September updates, additions and more!

Let us remind you about all the things that we made, during last month :)

We added support for the BadgerStick board from Sparkfun! Read More.

We added support for The Airboard! Read More.

We added control-click (ctrl-click) functionality at project view. We made the last selected baud rate (serial monitor speed) to be saved in your browser. We enabled basic scrolling functionality for editor in Safari, for MacOSX and iOS! Read More.

Don't forget to check the new tutorials for you Beginners or Advanced users.

New blog category: Developers say! Our developers speak about interesting stuff they are working on. With 1 new article every week, don't miss the chance to choose and follow your favorite developer!

Colorful Warfare part 3!  Read More.

As always you are more than welcome to come and try out, all our additions and updates, and let us know what you think!