We are live!!!

So, an hour ago we got featured on hackaday! That means we have a lot
of new visitors interested in our service, and we are hastening the
development of our last-hour features to get ready for our launch! We
wanted to inform you that we’re going to be launching an indiegogo
campaign soon to gather the funds we need for our hosting and operation
costs for the first year. We want you to help spread the love, and we
want to give you a number of different ways to get in the beta.

So here’s the deal:

a thank you to hackaday, the first 1000 to pre-register using the code
[email protected] in their description will get access to the beta! No strings

For us twitter lovers, we’ll be giving away 10 beta invites every day for the next week. Follow us and send a tweet containing @codebender_cc or #codebender to get a chance to win one of the 10 daily invites!

If you are more of the facebook type, like our facebook page and get another chance to win on of 10 daily invites!

Thanks a lot for making this possible! We hope you’ll like using codebender as much as we like developing it.

Stay tuned:

* we promise that we won´t spam you, never.