Codebender reaches crowdfunding target!

We are glad to say, we have reached our target! We want to thank everybody that contributed to the project.
As you know, codebenber is a web platform aiming to simplify embedded development and promote education and the exchange of knowledge and ideas and now we’re happy that we’ll be able to start working towards that goal!

We are also happy to announce that we have two major supporters. Our “Ultimate Supporter” Wyolum LLC and Fab Lab Barcelona! We are really grateful for their donation that helped us reach our goal and keep codebender free!

We are joining forces with the ArduSat project to help them make their project a reality as well. The Ardusat project aims to empower scientists and students with access to their own micro-satellite and a variety of measuring instruments. Space exploration for everyone on a budget! Together, we are certain we can do that. Since Codebender can help ArduSat by giving their users great tools for project and libraries management and easy remote flashing of their program to the satellite. We are very excited to work with them and we will keep you updated.

It is now time to set our next goal. We have less than 3 days left to reach $7000 on our IndieGoGo campaign. If we manage to raise the extra funds, we will be able to work full-time on codebender for the next few days, which will allow us to add Remote Flashing right after the campaign ends. Help us reach $7000 and you could be flashing your Arduino remotely in 6 days from now!

Stay tuned:

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