Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!

Some minor improvements, that came right from your feedback. Some of you complained about the fact that loading examples overwrote your current project without asking for a confirmation. This is now fixed. If you try to load an example over your unsaved work, codebender will display a small warning and prompt you to save before loading the example.

issue was privacy related. Some of you suggested that we should not show the email address in the public profile of each user, at least, until we make a user defined option (public or private). From now on,
the email is NOT visible in your public profile. We will add an option in the future to set it to your liking.

Feedback is very important for us, so head to feedback and let us hear
what you like/dislike and any improvements you might think of.

Thank you all for your suggestions and comments so far. Keep them coming!

Stay tuned:

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