[new stuff] codebender & 1Sheeld join forces


Isn’t it great when two Makers get together to provide a better solution for everyone? Well, here at codebender, we’re always looking for new partners, to offer new devices and libraries for our users, and of course make our partners’ lives a little bit easier by making them codebender compatible.

We’re glad to announce, the latest addition is 1Sheeld! For those of you who haven’t been following the news, 1Sheeld is an amazing Arduino shield which connects to your smartphone and gives you access to its capabilities, allowing you to use it as a sensor, or an output.

Twitter? Skype? SMS? Microphone? Accelerometer? Text-to-Speech? It’s all there in your phone (along with many more), so why buy new shields? Just use 1Sheeld. And now, you can use it straight from codebender! Just click on the OneSheeld library, and start using one of the examples.

1Sheeld Logo

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