Arduino Day 2015

On March 28 codebender celebrated the official Arduino Day with hackerspaces and makerspaces all around the world.

Event organizers from the US, India, Puerto Rico, the UK, Germany, Bulgaria and Greece reached us to celebrate the day with us.  We got the chance to spread the word of Arduino as well as to support the events by sharing some SWAG with the participants. We also run some contests with the participants of the workshops and winners got an Arduino board. We were excited to see participants of all ages and especially kids and students showing interest in the platform.

Now we can’t wait for Arduino day 2016! And you can see why:


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  1. Krasimir

    07 May 2015 14:06:59

    The arduino day was great, however the winners still haven’t received their Arduino!

    • Giannis

      15 May 2015 21:51:37

      Hi, indeed a few winners didn’t receive the boards on time because we run out of boards 🙂 It seems you’re one of those, so we apologise. We restocked this week and we’re already sending the last packages out.

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