[Tech Stuff] Here comes the BadgerStick!

We just added support for the BadgerStick board from Sparkfun.



codebender already supports 8 awesome boards from Sparkfun. Now it’s time to welcome a new member to the family!

The BadgerStick is an Arduino compatible board based on the Pro Mini, loaded up with an FTDI chip and an ATmega328p processor. It’s a powerful piece of technology which you can use to program and control a myriad of electronics, like buttons, lights, and LCDs as well as many other pretty cool things.

Accompanying BadgerStick, there is a multiplexed 8×7 LED matrix board which can be used to display patterns or show text.

The BadgerStick comes with the full support you expect from SparkFun, as well as the BadgerHack tutorial for hacking it, playing a game, and learning more, right on the back of the board.

Come and try the BadgerStick with codebender and take advantage of our collaboration tools and a huge list of built-in libraries! 😉

Of course, don’t forget to send some love to the great guys from Sparkfun who helped make this happen.



  1. Liamthe1st

    23 Sep 2015 21:59:17

    What is the price of Badger stick Sparkfun could not find it?

    • Antonis

      25 Sep 2015 10:42:04

      Hello there, I am Antonis from codebender support.

      As far as I know the BadgerStick is provided for free to the participants of Sparkfun’s various events (like workshops or MaikerFaires).
      I think it’s better to contact them for more info.

      Best Regards
      Antonis CC

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