[Tech stuff] New additions in codebender!

Hello there!

We’ve kept a low profile during the last two weeks, but it was for the good 🙂

Let’s have a look at all the goodies we brought on the table for you.

You can now see the source code of any included file wherever code is displayed

If you didn’t know that already, when you are editing your sketch, you are able to quickly jump to the source code of a file or library that you #include in your code.

That functionality was missing from other places, like when you were viewing someone else’s sketch code or a library example. But not any more!
 Project Viewlib example
So now, whenever you find an #include statement, hover your mouse over the name of the included file, and you will see a tooltip that will remind you to press ctrl+click (or cmd+click for mac), in order to access the source.


Store selected baud rate

baud rate

Now the last selected baud rate (serial monitor speed) is saved in your browser, so you don’t need to select it each time you reload the sketch or revisit it after some time 🙂

Basic scrolling functionality for editor in Safari, for MacOSX and iOS

For the Mac OSX or iOS users who are using the Safari browser, you will find that the text inside the editor can now scroll 🙂
Although you can’t use codebender with Safari, this addition may be quite useful for example, when you are looking at an embedded sketch in another page.

As always, you can drop us a line if you have any feedback, comments, or ideas!



  1. jeff

    06 Oct 2015 14:39:49

    your words:
    What you are looking at (in the image above) is what we call Project view. You can access this view if you enter a sketch’s URL (in your browser), or if you search for a sketch (using the search box) and select it.

    What we added for you is the control-click (ctrl-click) functionality! You can now access the library that is going to be included inside the editor, and see the it’s source code.

    my question:
    what does control-click (ctrl-click) mean?
    where can I find “click on my keyboard”?
    do you mean CTRL on the keyboard + click on the mouse?
    thanks – jeff

    • Antonis

      07 Oct 2015 13:08:20

      Hello there Jeff!

      Yes, CTRL (or Command if you are a Mac user) on the keyboard and Click on the mouse is what I meant. I am sorry if this wasn’t clear enough. For any other questions that you might have, you can contact us at [email protected]

      Best Regards
      Antonis CChttp://blog.codebender.cc/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form

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