Arduino Day 2016

On April 2nd, we celebrated the official Arduino/Genuino Day with makerspaces and educational institutions from all around the world.

We got the chance to spread the word of Arduino as well as to support the events worldwide by sending various gifts to their participants. From Puerto Rico to Colombia and from Senegal to Italy, codebender celebrated the day with even the most distant places.

We also co-organised some events in Greece where we introduced the Arduino world to the participants and we worked with them on some more advanced projects. There were some contests too! The participants had the chance to present their projects and explain to the audience how they work and answer to their questions. The best presentations got some extra gifts from codebender!

Now we look forward for Arduino Day 2017!

Take a glimpse at what happened on that day:

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  1. Liam

    18 Aug 2017 10:09:55

    If I could log in to the real Arduino site then I would Download the IDE but Google seems to think it owns Arduino whereas I am British in England UK so is being blocked by Google with there American site.

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