3 Cool Arduino Projects To Do This Week

New week, new opportunities to create something amazing. We’ve been looking at some projects this weekend and we found 3 that might intrigue you. Let’s take a look.

3. Remote Control Your Lamp

Have you ever had to get up and turn off the lamp while you were are about to fell asleep? Have you ever had to come into bedroom to turn off the lamp right before you are about to leave your apartment? I believe we all had such a problem, but with this project, it’s going to be a thing of the past. You’re going to be using an Arduino Uno, Bluetooth chip and a high power relay to upgrade your lamp to be remotely controllable. You can check how to do it here.

2. Charge Your Mobile Phone with Hands

Mobile phones have become an essential of everybody’s life. Browsing, gaming and messaging, you are spending every minute with your phone. One of the greatest pain points of using a cellphone is the battery. When it runs out, it’s over. You’re basically disconnected from the whole world. That’s where this project comes in, this hand crank generator will help you charge your phone whenever and wherever you need to. Check it out here.

1. Smart Post Box

The post box, the old method for delivering information from one place to another. Post used to be everything in the past, everyone depended on it. But today, it is considered boring and ineffective method of delivering data. It is much easier to use a digital device, and with the invention of email, the mailbox slowly started to rust. SmartPostBox aims to bring back the professionalism in receiving physical mail. Everyone knows that it is a pain to wait to receive a letter; walking out of the house every morning hoping against all odds, that your important appointment arrived. SmartPostBox makes that the past, this simple device sends you an email when you received mail, so you know if it is worth opening your post box. Check it out here.

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