Many testing frameworks exist in JavaScipt nowadays.

The combination that I got hands on is the mocha [1] testing framework combined with the chai [2] assertion library, the sinon [3] mocking framework and the karma [4] test runner.

I thought to gather some resources here on how to work with these tools.

It is well documented how broken the type system of C++/Java style languages is. If you are stuck with one of these languages you can take pride that when it comes to types, you are operating in a context that is a step above Python and a few floors above Javascript. Milking the staircase analogy, at the roof of the building would be Rust and in low orbit you may find languages like Haskell and OCaml. That said, there are a few nice things you can do with C++ templates that are not extremely obvious but not too magical either. In this post I will try to describe some that we have found useful at codebender, since type conversions at the C++ level are required to make FireBreath play well with libraries like serial.

On April 2nd, we celebrated the official Arduino/Genuino Day with makerspaces and educational institutions from all around the world.

We got the chance to spread the word of Arduino as well as to support the events worldwide by sending various gifts to their participants. From Puerto Rico to Colombia and from Senegal to Italy, codebender celebrated the day with even the most distant places.